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About the National Council on Energy

The National Council on Energy (NCOE) enables consumers to find the best pre-certified propane dealers anywhere in the United States. Please fill out our brief form and see how quickly you get matched with a verified propane supplier, receive quotes, and select the propane provider that’s right for you.

Our Story

The National Council on Energy (NCOE) was started in 2022 and seeks to help consumers save money on energy costs and find solutions to power their lives. Cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility are both very important to the NCOE. Our goal is to help consumers get more transparency on propane pricing. The founders of the NCOE combine knowledge of the propane industry, consumer price shopping, and market research to create a one-stop platform for propane customers to find the best prices and highest-quality propane providers. We hope you benefit from using the NCOE and ultimately save money on your energy costs.

Our Researchers

At the heart of the National Council on Energy (NCOE) lies our dedicated team of researchers, who form the backbone of our council’s mission. These distinguished professionals hail from diverse academic and industry backgrounds, bringing with them a wealth of expertise and insight into the ever-evolving world of energy. Committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, our researchers engage in rigorous studies, leveraging cutting-edge methodologies and technologies. They are not only tasked with exploring current energy challenges and solutions but also with forecasting the future of energy in our world. By publishing their findings, participating in international conferences, and collaborating with industry leaders, our researchers play a pivotal role in shaping both national and global energy policies. Their relentless pursuit of knowledge ensures that the NCOE remains at the forefront of energy research, advocacy, and innovation.

Senior Researcher

Andrew DePietro has been a researcher and data analyst since 2015. He works with all types of data, ranging from public data sourced from the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and more, to proprietary data collected by private businesses. His research and data analysis covers subjects ranging from energy and energy costs to real estate to macroeconomics, among many others.

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