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District of Columbia Propane Prices (May 2024)

The average propane price in District of Columbia is $3.70 per gallon as of May 2024. This is according to US EIA estimates.

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Estimated propane cost by tank size in District of Columbia

Size of Tank Cost to Fill
100 gallons $296
250 gallons $740
500 gallons $1,480
750 gallons $2,220
1000 gallons $2,960

Propane costs vary according to the size of the tank being filled. For a small 100-gallon tank, this expense runs at $296. The price increases in increments; a 250-gallon tank requires $740 to be filled completely, while a larger 500-gallon tank doubles that amount, costing $1,480. An even bigger tank, with a capacity of 750 gallons, costs $2,220 to fill to its full capacity. The largest of these containers, a 1,000-gallon tank, demands the highest price at $2,960 per fill up.

What is the cheapest month to buy propane gas in District of Columbia?

The cheapest month to buy propane gas in the District of Columbia is typically October. This is because many propane companies offer discounts or special deals during this time, often due to seasonal needs and regional demand. Consumers can take advantage of these offers by shopping around for various providers who are offering lower prices than usual during this period. Additionally, it may be possible to find additional savings from retailers if a customer purchases in bulk--which could result in even greater cost-savings over the course of a year!

What is the difference between an above ground and below ground propane tank?

The main difference between an above ground and below ground propane tank is the placement of the tank itself. An above ground propane tank is placed outside, typically on a concrete pad or foundation to keep it level and stable. Below ground tanks are also known as underground tanks; they are buried in soil beneath your property line where they cannot be seen from the surface. Aboveground tanks require regular inspections for safety reasons whereas below-ground tanks don’t need to be inspected unless there’s evidence that something may have gone wrong with them, such as a leak or other problem. Additionally, capacity and size can vary depending on if you choose an above-ground or below-ground option; generally speaking, larger sizes are available with underground models due to their greater storage volume space allowed by being partially submerged in earth. Both underground propane tanks and above-ground propane tanks have pros and cons that you should research.

What is the cost of a 250 gallon propane gas tank in District of Columbia?

The cost of a 250 gallon propane gas tank in the District of Columbia typically ranges from $1,500 to $2,200 depending on the brand and quality. The cost to fill a 250 gallon propane tank is approximately $689. The price also varies based on installation fees and delivery charges. It is recommended that customers shop around for competitive prices before making a purchase decision.

What is the average cost of propane gas in District of Columbia?

The average cost of propane gas in the District of Columbia is about $3.70 per gallon. Prices may vary depending on where you purchase it, as well as what season it is and how much demand there is for propane at that time. Some retailers offer discounts or specials based on quantity purchased or other factors, so be sure to shop around when looking for a good deal.

Will propane gas get more expensive in District of Columbia?

It is difficult to forecast propane gas prices and if they will increase in the District of Columbia long-term. However, we can forecast that, in the U.S. South which includes the District of Columbia, households heating with propane will spend an average of $1,180 on heating in winter 2023-2024 — 6% more than last winter — reflecting a 9% increase in consumption and a 3% decline in propane prices. In the long-run, the price of propane gas in the District of Columbia will depend on a variety of factors, such as market conditions and current events. In general, if there is an increase in demand or a decrease in supply due to weather-related disruptions or other causes then it could cause prices to rise. Additionally, because many households use propane for heating during colder months, seasonality can also affect pricing. As such, it's difficult to predict whether propane gas will become more expensive at any given time.

How many pounds is a gallon of propane?

Roughly, one gallon of liquid propane weighs between 4.11 and 4.24 pounds, depending on temperature. A gallon of water weighs around twice as much, at 8.33 pounds.

How many gallons of propane will a 100 lb tank hold?

A 100 lb propane tank, typically used for commercial applications and contractors for single appliances like temporary heating at a work site, holds an estimated 23 gallons of propane when full.

Why do propane tanks expire after 12 years?

Propane tanks, especially those used for grilling or home heating, get exposed to a variety of environmental conditions that can lead to wear and tear. Over a span of 12 years, things like moisture, fluctuating temperatures, and potential minor damage can cause problems. The tank's metal can corrode, weaken, or develop micro-fractures. As the tank's integrity gets compromised, there's an increased risk of gas leakage or, in worst-case scenarios, a catastrophic failure when under pressure. What’s more, the safety mechanisms and valves within the tank can degrade or become outdated. By setting an expiration date, propane companies ensure that tanks are inspected, requalified, or replaced regularly, thereby reducing potential safety hazards. This periodic reassessment is essential for ensuring the secure containment of the highly flammable propane gas.

Does propane freeze?

Technically speaking, propane does freeze. But the temperature it would take to freeze propane is very unlikely to occur naturally. Meaning, your propane isn’t going to freeze in the winter. However, your propane system and equipment can certainly be impacted by cold, freezing temperatures.

Does propane go bad?

You absolutely need to stay on top of maintaining your propane system and equipment. But propane gas itself never goes bad. That’s one of propane’s major benefits compared to fuels like gasoline or diesel, both of which degrade over time.

Is propane gas cheaper than natural gas in District of Columbia?

The cost of gas can vary significantly depending on the region and supplier. In District of Columbia, natural gas tends to be cheaper than propane gas because local suppliers have access to a large supply from nearby areas such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. However, if you plan on purchasing in bulk or prefer not to use natural gas-based fuels for environmental reasons then it may be more economical to purchase your fuel through alternative sources like propane. Check out the differences between using natural gas versus propane and consider which fuel source makes sense for you.

Where to get propane refills in D.C.

District of Columbia residents seeking propane refills have multiple convenient options available. Several service providers and retail outlets located across the state offer propane refill services, ensuring that consumers can access propane for their grilling, heating, or other needs. Renowned chains like The Home Depot provide propane refill stations at several locations, with extensive hours to accommodate various schedules. In addition, there are also local companies such as W.S. Kenks & Son and Frager’s Ace Hardware that offer reliable service.

Below are the top places to get your propane refilled in D.C.:

Propane RefillPhoneAddress
Annie’s Ace Hardware202-529-26583405 8th St NE, Washington, DC 20017
Frager’s Ace Hardware202-543-61571115 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003
The Home Depot202-526-8760901 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018
The Home Depot202-526-8760901 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018
W.S. Kenks & Son202-529-6020910 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002

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While there are propane delivery services in the general D.C. area, none are actually located in the District of Columbia. Please refer to the pages on Virginia propane delivery and Maryland propane delivery

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