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The National Council on Energy is a leading national retail propane research company. We standardize and report on propane delivery pricing trends as well as propane supplier information. 

National Council on Energy

The National Council on Energy (NCOE) seeks to help consumers save money on energy costs and find the solutions to power their lives. Cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility are both very important to the NCOE.

Propane is often highlighted for its efficiency and versatility. It has emerged as an eco-friendly alternative to more conventional fuels. Unlike fossil fuels, propane releases fewer pollutants and offers a cleaner burn. This makes it a preferred choice for heating, cooking, and even vehicular transportation. 

Propane is one of the most efficient energy sources compared to traditional fuels. Propane has a high energy content and a clean-burning nature. This means that less gas is required to produce the same amount of heat or power as other fuels.

Using propane for heating or cooking can result in reduced energy losses. This is because electricity — generated from non-renewable resources — requires power plants to convert the energy, which results in energy loss. Also, compared to other fossil fuels like coal or gasoline, propane emits fewer greenhouse gasses and pollutants. Propane stands out not only for its efficiency in energy output, but also its environmental advantage.

Propane prices by state as of January 2024

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