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Best Propane Companies in Iowa

propane companies in Iowa

In Iowa, over 165,000 homes — equal to 12.81% of households — rely on propane gas for their home heating. Thus, Iowa has the sixth highest rate of residential propane heating in the country, behind Montana and ahead of Maine. Although utility gas is relied on the most, with over 60% of homes using it, propane is cheaper than electricity in Iowa, the latter being the other main alternative to natural gas heating. On top of domestic use, propane is utilized on a large scale in Iowa for commercial and agricultural purposes.

Whether you’re heating your home, fueling your business, or powering agricultural operations, read on to discover the top propane companies in Iowa that stand out for their service, reliability, and commitment to their customers. Get quotes from up to 5 propane dealers in your area today to get the best pricing on propane delivery.

Best propane companies in Iowa

In order to compile our list of the best propane companies in Iowa, we evaluated all propane providers against a rigorous criterion. It included whether the company offers residential delivery and commercial delivery; if they perform propane tank installations; if they offer propane-related and propane-powered appliances, ranging from propane generators to larger appliances like patio furnaces; commercial services, especially temporary heating for jobsites and forklift services; as well as service area coverage and if they offer additional fuels, such as home heating oil.

So, check out our final list of the best propane companies in Iowa below:

A-1 Propane

  • 4179 Alyssa Ct suite a, Iowa City, IA 52240 | 319-337-2034

Founded in 1989, A-1 Propane is stationed in Iowa City and makes our list of the best propane companies in Iowa.  The team at A-1 Propane is ready to meet all your propane service needs swiftly and economically, whether you require a simple tank refill, a new installation at your home, or wish to set up a propane tank exchange account. A-1 Propane offers a complete range of services for your propane or natural gas systems, including both rental and purchase options for all equipment.

At A-1 service centers, they cater to a variety of needs including RVs, food trucks, and motor fuel. They offer cylinders starting from 5 lbs, cylinder repair, grill parts and repair, cylinder and tank refills, as well as exchange stations and forklift fuel replacement. A-1 Propane’s on-location services extend to bulk fuel delivery for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications, temporary heating for construction sites, installation of heating equipment, appliance conversions, and more. Lastly, they also provide heaters and heating equipment along with compliance and safety inspections to ensure your systems are up to standard.

Diamond Oil Co.

  • 1305 N Main St, Osceola, IA 50213 | 641-414-1040
  • 2028 Edison St, Ames, IA 50010 | 515-232-6011
  • 4741 Douglas Circle, Lincoln, NE 68504 | 402-466-2344
  • 702 SE Raccoon St, Des Moines, IA 50309 | 515-244-4271

Diamond Oil stands as a trusted partner for dependable propane delivery and service across residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors in the Midwest region of Iowa. As a family-owned and operated business, Diamond Oil ranked among the best propane companies in Iowa thanks to their commitment to offering unmatched service and support at competitive prices. Their comprehensive range of services ensures that whether you are looking for propane delivery to your home or business, or need transport propane delivery, they have the capabilities to meet your needs. They also provide options to buy or lease propane tanks, supported by their team of expert service professionals who are ready to manage complete system installations, regulator replacements, and more.

In addition to our core services, Diamond Oil offer a variety of convenient features to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. These include cylinder filling, inspections, and remote tank monitoring to ensure safety and efficiency. Diamond Oil’s automatic delivery service, coupled with annual contracting options, allows for seamless propane supply throughout the year. For those looking to manage their budget, Diamond Oil provides a summer fill program and budget billing plans, which help spread out costs and avoid seasonal price spikes.


  • 20509 360th Ct, Earlham, IA 50072 | 515-834-2534
  • 4415 NE 14th St, Des Moines, IA 50313 | 515-266-1175
  • 4770 420th St SE, Iowa City, IA 52240 | 319-354-4220

Ferrellgas a prominent player in the U.S. propane industry, has been consistently serving customers with reliable and efficient propane solutions for over 80 years. Ferrellgas also has a huge presence in Iowa, primarily in the west, around the cities of Topeka, Iowa City, and Overland Park. Established in 1939 by A.C. Ferrell in Atchison, Iowa, the company has expanded its reach nationwide, evolving from a single-location, family-owned operation to a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Ferrellgas is also one of the most dominant propane companies in Iowa, priding itself on its comprehensive service offerings, which encompass propane delivery, tank installation, and maintenance services to a wide array of customers, including residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

With its commitment to ensuring a seamless customer experience, Ferrellgas has developed an extensive network of local service providers and strategically located distribution centers. This allows the company to offer timely and convenient delivery solutions, and personalized services tailored to the unique needs of each customer. Furthermore, Ferrellgas has made significant strides in the realm of technology, offering user-friendly online platforms and mobile applications that facilitate easy account management, payment processing, and service scheduling. By continuously adapting to market demands and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Ferrellgas has cemented its position as a trusted and innovative provider in the propane industry.


  • 901 S Brooks St, Lenox, IA 50851 | 641-333-4460

For over 90 years, MFA Oil has consistently fulfilled the energy requirements of our customers. As one of the best propane companies in Iowa, MFA Oil’s team comprises highly trained professionals equipped to handle all your home’s propane needs. Their employees, who reside in the very communities they serve, take pride in offering friendly and personal service, cherishing the unique opportunity to assist their neighbors and friends. Whether you need servicing for an existing propane system or wish to install a new one, MFA Oil’s propane specialists are prepared to manage all aspects of your needs. They ensure your system operates smoothly through installations, safety inspections, and regular maintenance. MFA Oil also tailors their propane offerings to meet diverse customer requirements through various programs like Pre-Buy contracting, Even Pay, and Auto-Fill. For our commercial clients, MFA Oil provides additional valuable services, including temporary heating for worksites, forklift services, and heating solutions for greenhouses and nurseries, among other offerings.

Stubbs Petroleum

  • 392 Harding Dr, Pleasantville, IA 50225 | 515-848-3154
  • 20739 IA-2, Centerville, IA 52544 | 641-774-4821
  • 320 Northwestern Ave, Chariton, IA 50049 | 641-774-4821

Since 1993, Stubbs Petroleum has proudly served the central and southern regions of Iowa, and in the process, became one of the best propane companies in Iowa. The company’s skilled team delivers propane, diesel, gasoline, and lube oils to residential, agricultural, and commercial locations. Dedicated to excellent customer service, Stubbs Petroleum not only distributes fuel but also specializes in the installation and repair of regulators, tanks, and gas lines for homes, barns, and businesses. The staff is particularly attentive to the care of your property and the proper handling of your propane system.

Stubbs Petroleum also provides refined fuel delivery services to a variety of customers, offering gasoline and diesel in bulk or via transport. Whether you need fuel for your home, farm, or business, their certified team is equipped to meet your needs with efficiency and professionalism.

T-J Gas Company

  • 1209 W D St, Vinton, IA 52349 | 319-472-5216

In 1980, T-J Gas Company was founded in Vinton, a community in East Central Iowa, beginning as a modest propane delivery, service, and supply business. Recognizing the demand for a fuel that was not only clean-burning and efficient but also cost-effective, T-J Gas Company chose propane as its primary product. Now, T-J Gas Company ranks among the best propane companies in Iowa. This choice proved advantageous for heating and drying needs across homes, businesses, and agricultural operations. The company experienced rapid growth and expanded its services to several counties including Benton, Buchanan, Black Hawk, Delaware, Linn, and Tama.

T-J Gas Company provides propane delivery to a wide array of locations such as Vinton, Center Point, Shellsburg, and many others, offering flexible delivery plans to suit different customer needs. Customers can opt for various payment and delivery options including Summer Fill, where tanks are topped off at lower prices, Pre-Pay for locking in the lowest winter rates, Budget for monthly payments with locked pricing, scheduled On Route deliveries, or Will Call service for more control over delivery times. Additionally, the company facilitates easy payment through credit/debit card processing and offers automatic budget payments. Beyond propane, T-J Gas extends its services to include tanks, parts, and appliances with available rebates, as well as a range of other products like grills, propane-powered generators, and welding gas tank exchanges.

Warren County Oil

  • 605 N 6th St, Indianola, IA 50125 | 515-961-2549

Warren County Oil offers comprehensive services for your propane needs, including the supply and installation of propane systems. As one of the top propane companies in Iowa, Warren County Oil provides a variety of propane tank sizes, such as 120, 250, 500, and 1,000-gallon options, available for either purchase or rent. Our skilled team is equipped to handle the installation of regulators and gas lines on the exterior of your home or business, and they are also capable of making any necessary repairs to your propane tank.

Additionally, Warren County Oil provides several flexible delivery and payment plans to suit your preferences and budget. Options include a 100% Prepaid Forward Contract which allows you to lock in a propane price for the winter and requires full payment upfront with a minimum purchase of 500 gallons. Alternatively, the 50-Cent Deposit Forward Contract secures your winter propane price with a modest initial deposit, and the balance paid as you receive deliveries. For those preferring to manage their finances over time, the Budget Billing Contract spreads your propane costs over 12 months, offering protection against price spikes, with adjustments based on actual usage to ensure a balanced account by year-end. These contracts are designed to cater to various financial situations and ensure a reliable supply throughout the colder months.

Choosing the right propane companies in Iowa is a critical decision that impacts not only the warmth and comfort of your home but also the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your business or agricultural operations. Our exploration of the state’s top propane companies highlights those that excel in reliability, customer service, affordability, and environmental stewardship.

Whether you prioritize extensive service coverage, flexible pricing plans, or a company’s commitment to community and sustainability, there’s a provider that meets your needs. We encourage you to consider these standout companies for your propane services, confident that they represent the best of what Iowa has to offer in terms of energy solutions that are both practical and principled.

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