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U.S. States With the Most Propane Vehicles

propane vehicles

Propane vehicles have increased in popularity over the years. While some vehicles, such as forklifts, have long relied on propane as fuel, recently cars and trucks have converted to propane instead of relying on gasoline. One of the main advantages is that propane is a cleaner fuel than gasoline. As a result, propane cars tend to earn alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) advantages, such as tax credits and tax exemptions.

With its reputation for being more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than traditional gasoline or diesel, propane cars are gaining traction across the United States. This study explores the latest data sourced from the U.S. Department of Energy to highlight the states leading the charge in adopting propane vehicles. By examining the prevalence and growth of propane vehicles, we aim to shed light on the regions where this green fuel is making the most significant impact, contributing to a cleaner environment and a sustainable future.

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10 States with the most propane vehicles

In order to rank the states with the most propane vehicles, we didn’t simply sort by quantity. We calculated the percentage of propane vehicles out of total registered vehicles in the state. This way, a large state like California doesn’t rank No. 1 simply because it has, in pure quantity, the largest number of propane-fueled vehicles. Ranking in percentage terms conveys the density of these vehicles among all cars and trucks in the state.

1. Utah

Utah has the highest rate of propane vehicles at 0.020%. That’s equivalent to 600 propane cars out of a total of 2,997,500 registered vehicles. Having 600 propane vehicles for a state with such a small population is extremely high. By contrast, in the far more populated state of Florida, only 100 registered vehicles are propane-powered out of more than 18 million total vehicles. Utah also has an impressive number of propane filling stations — 39 in all. Many places, such as Lancer Garage, partner with propane suppliers like Alliance AutoGas to provide propane conversions for vehicles. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality offers an Alternative Fuel Grant Program, including a grant of up to $2,500 per conversion to propane or other alternative fuels.

2. Arizona

Arizona has 800 propane vehicles to Utah’s 600, though it represents a smaller share of total vehicles: 0.012%, equal to 800 out of 6,490,500 vehicles total. However, Arizona’s rate of 0.012% propane cars is just under double the rate of the No. 3 state, as well as the only other state besides Utah to have greater than 0.01% of its vehicles be propane-powered. Arizona has 72 propane vehicle filling stations, with most being centered on Phoenix. Arizona also has a number of propane vehicle incentives, such as Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFC) Parking Incentive, Alternative Fuel and AFV Use Tax Exemption, High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Exemption, and Reduced Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) License Tax.

3. Oklahoma

Oklahoma has the third highest percentage of propane cars, at 0.007%. That’s equal to 300 propane vehicles out of 4,249,900 registered vehicles in the state. The state of Oklahoma offers a couple of incentives for propane vehicles, such as its AAFV Tax Credit and Alternative Fueling Infrastructure Tax Credit. Oklahoma also has an impressively high number of propane vehicle filling stations, being home to 109 stations.

4. Texas

Texas has the second most propane vehicles in the country, being home to 1,400 propane-powered vehicles, behind only California’s 1,500. Texas’s propane vehicles represent 0.006% of 25,346,00 total registered vehicles. That figure is actually down from the previous year’s 1,600 propane vehicles. Being the big state that it is, Texas is home to 355 filling stations for propane vehicles. Texas has a number of grants for alternative fuel vehicles, including those powered by propane.

5. New Mexico

New Mexico comes in just ahead of Idaho for being the No. 5 state with the most propane vehicles. New Mexico only has 1,929,400 total registered vehicles and 100 of them are propane vehicles; that’s equal to a rate of 0.00518%. New Mexico has an Alternative Fuel Tax Exemption for propane vehicles. New Mexico has a solid propane infrastructure, being home to 60 propane vehicle stations, which is a fairly high density compared to its overall population.

6. Idaho

Idaho comes in at No. 6. Like New Mexico, Idaho has approximately 100 propane vehicles, out of a total of 1,934,200 registered vehicles overall. That equals 0.00517% of all vehicles being propane-powered, making it only slightly less than New Mexico’s rate. Idaho is particularly interesting because it has one of the lower rates of gasoline vehicles, with only 79.9% being gas, equivalent to 1,545,500 out of 1,934,200 vehicles total. Part of the reason for Idaho’s lower rate of gasoline-powered vehicles is due to its comparatively high rate of diesel vehicles — 136,000, or 7.03% of all vehicles — and biodiesel vehicles — 40,300, or 2.084% of all vehicles.

7. California

In terms of absolute numbers, California has the most propane vehicles, at 1,500. But in per capita terms, 1,500 out of 36,119,800 total registered vehicles equals 0.0042%. California is a very interesting case when it comes to fuels. It has the highest rate of electric vehicles, possessing 903,600 of them out of 36,119,800, equal to 2.5%. More intriguing is that California is the only state to have any hydrogen fuel cell cars: 14,900 vehicles are hydrogen-powered, equal to 0.041% of all registered vehicles.

8. Nevada

Nevada comes in as the No. 8 state with the most propane vehicles. Like several other states, there are approximately 100 registered propane vehicles out of a total of 2,520,700 vehicles, equivalent to 0.004% of all vehicles being propane-powered. Nevada has a couple incentives, the main one being its Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Emissions Inspection Exemption. Nevada is home to 23 propane vehicle stations, which is a solid amount for how sparsely populated the state is.

9. Kansas

Kansas is another state with approximately 100 propane vehicles. But out of only 2,604,600 registered vehicles in all, this represents 0.0038% of vehicles being propane-fueled. When it comes to alternative fuels, normally popular ones like electric vehicles are not that prevalent in Kansas. However, ethanol/flex fuel vehicles are popular, accounting for over 9.9% of all vehicles, or 260,100 out of 2,604,600 registered vehicles. Kansas is home to 35 propane vehicle filling stations. While many are centered on major cities like Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas also has many agricultural co-ops, which means there are a number of propane stations in more remote regions of the state.

10. Georgia

The Peach State rounds out our list of the top 10 states with the most propane vehicles. With 300 propane vehicles, approximately 0.0031% of the 9,542,400 registered vehicles in Georgia are propane-powered. Georgia also has an impressive propane infrastructure, with 84 propane vehicle filling stations scattered all over the state. Georgia’s Clean Vehicle Related Tax Credit provides an income tax credit for 10% of the cost to convert a vehicle to propane, up to $2,500 per vehicle.

All states with propane vehicles

Below is a list of states that possess any number of propane vehicles. There are 27 states plus the District of Columbia that have no registered propane vehicles. The 23 states that do have propane vehicles are arranged in order of their percentage share.

StatePropane vehiclesPropane vehicles (%)Total vehicles
New Mexico1000.0052%1,929,400
South Carolina1000.0020%4,944,700
North Carolina1000.0011%8,970,300
New York1000.0009%11,306,300

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